Client Referrals

New home builders Bo and Kristen as they close their old house and are ready to move on. Congrats!

A new house and a new baby all in just 6 weeks time. Congratulations on both big events!

Welcome to Valley Center, Cheryl. You Found an awesome house at an awesome price!

Mark and Carla"Proof positive that a HUD repossessed home can close! Closed 1/12/2012. Congratulations to Mark and Carla on their new home.



 "Marsha did a wonderful job finding and showing me homes that met my specifications. She is very knowledgeable and worked hard for me. She was also very kind and patient, which helped make my home buying experience much easier and more enjoyable."

--Angie Sizemore


"Marsha was perfect for us. What I needed was someone who was laid back as I stressed out, and that person was Marsha. She was honest about the house that we were selling, about the decluttering process and how we should improve it. My husband was really into seeing different houses and sending Marsha homes that he'd like to see in addition to the ones she had already found. Our whole process took about four months, and through it all, Marsha was a patient, calming presence. She looked for ways to amp up the selling process and was as eager as we were to get the house sold and find our perfect home. We would recommend Marsha to anyone selling and/or buying a home.


Marsha clicked with us immediately because of her personality -- so outgoing and sweet. She included our whole family in the process, and was always so kind and thoughtful."

--Joanna Chadwick